Declaration on accessibility

The University of Greifswald endeavours to ensure that all internet pages in accordance with § 13 of the State Disability Equality Act of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (LBGG MV) to be designed in such a way that they can be used by people with limitations and disabilities without restriction, as stipulated in the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (BITVO MV).

Status of compatibility with the requirements

The internet presence of the One Health Research in Greifswald of the University of Greifswald, including its mobile playout views, largely complies with the requirements of § 13 of the LBGG MV.

Non-accessible contents are:

  • Not all documents are offered in an accessible version.
  • Not all images, graphics, maps and audiovisual content are provided with alternative texts.
  • Heading hierarchies are sometimes not respected.
  • No or incomplete full-text alternatives or subtitles are currently available for embedded videos.
  • The contrasts of texts and operating elements are sometimes poor.
  • Some tables are labelled in-correctly.
  • Lists sometimes consist of only one entry or are not correctly labelled.
  • No information is provided in German sign language and easy language.

Justification of the defects

The website of One Health Research in Greifswald at the University of Greifswald is complex and extensive. It is created and maintained by a small group of editors. Editorial omissions in the area of accessibility cannot be completely avoided.
Technical changes to improve accessibility must be coordinated with all other higher education institutions in the country that are integrated into the multifunctional portal and adapted to the respective technical specifications.
The provision of the videos with audio transcription has so far only been feasible to a limited extent due to the size of the video archive.

Preparation of this declaration

This declaration was issued on 16.12.2021.
Methodology of the examination: self-assessment
The declaration was last reviewed on 16.12.2021.

Feedback and contact

You can report any deficiencies with regard to compliance with the accessibility requirements to us. To do so, please contact:

Jan Meßerschmidt
Office of University Communication
Domstraße 11, 17498 Greifswald
Telefon +49 3834 420 1150

The webmaster of the University of Greifswald is also responsible for the barrier-free accessibility of the website as well as for processing incoming reports of deficiencies.
Students with impairments and disabilities are supported by the Representative for disabled students of the University of Greifswald.
The Representative body for severely disabled persons supports severely disabled employees and their peers.